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\My love for film started when I was a sophmore in highschool, I worked on music videos and short films. I love film because i love the proccess of putting visual componets together and watching it bloom into something greater. I feel like film is a great way to express your self. I do have a youtube page KvndyKlips where I upload most my content,feel free to subscribe and like and reach out for collab projects.

I have always had a liking for art whether it was painitng,origami, and drawing. I had no idea of how many art forms their were until I changed my minor to art. Since my classes I have become a better artist and these classes have tought be how to understand space and shade along with helping my orgainze my ideas on paper.I hope to use art as a tool to help me succed in the film industy.

red photoshoot red photoshoot red photoshoot

On my free time I try to stay busy with different types of art projects. I do like doing shoots becuase it allows be to dabble more in the make up and fashion world,however I also enjoy creating these scenes for photoshoots and other videos.Being able to full express your art and then have. the finish product is just the. best feeling ever!

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