Karina's favorite food spots in San Marcos.

I grew up always interested in trying new foods. Its fun to try new things because it kind of helps you understand the different cultures. I grew up around authentic mexican cooking, so I was very used to salt and spice kind of taste. Over the years I took an intrest into trying new foods and tasting local places. My friends and I called it "foodies nights", where we would google a place to eat that had good reviews and we'd check it out. This helped me become cultured in different types of foods but also changed my diet forever. Here are some places in San Marcos that were notable to me!

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Root celler is one of the main breakfest spots I go to here in San Marcos. The atmosphere is very relaxing and unique. You take a couple steps down to get into the restaurant, and you’ll usually have to wait 5-10 minutes because there’s usually a wait. The food is great and taste as if it was homemade and they do have vegan and gluten free options.

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The second place I would like to share is Wow-wees. Its located on exit 206. Wow-wees is a small tex-mex resturant, with only a few servers there working at a time, it is a family owned business. Not only is the food to die for but there prices are super cheap, they have both and lunch and breakfast menu.