All About Oddie

Oddie was adopted and brought home by my roommate, Megan. He was so sweet and cuddly all he wanted to do was be next to someone. My roommates and I loved Oddie so much that he became everyone's cat, he was just so friendly and lovable that it made it truly impossible not love him.

here is a picture of oddie White furry cat

When summer came Megan had registered to study abroad, so she asked me to look over Oddie while she was gone. I agreed of course and from that moment on Oddie and I became inseparable. When my roommate returned from her trip, she asked me if I wanted to keep Oddie due to different living arrangements and I accepted.

here is a picture of oddie and Karina

Oddie is all white cat with grey spots, he enjoys sitting in the sun, chasing lasers, hunting toy birds, looking out of windows and napping on my homework. Oddie can be a super energetic cat, he likes running upstairs and jumping far distances. Oddie doesn’t like dogs, sweaters, or when I get home to late and his favorite food is tuna.