College Cooking

The struggle of not kowing what to eat as a student.

The struggles of A hungry student

After being in college for 3 years I can honestly say that one of the biggest struggles I had, was deciding what I was going to eat that day. This sounds like such a simple issue however a lot of times the decision depended on circumstances such as, money, time, and experience. Dealing with money can be tricky because you have to find the perfect balance of sustaining and spending. It’s so easy now of days to look to fast food and eating out for the benefits of having a meal made for you and the convince of no clean up, but these effortless meals come at a cost, literally!

Time plays and interesting role in deciding what you’re going to eat because it’s not always consistent. As a college student It was difficult for me to find time to cook before or in-between classes because along with the time it takes to cook, you also have to consider the time it would take to clean everything up. To repeat these three times a day your dishes would look like mount Everest.

Another important factor I found about cooking was the experience, not everyone knows how to cook so this causes people to have to find different alternatives. As a survivor of college eating I have learned three different ways and options in how to make college eating easier and helpful to your schedule.